Honeybird & The Monas

(world punk)

territory: Scandinavia

A bassist songwriter in Brooklyn, a jazz drummer in Berlin, and an electro-pop genie in Italy. Put them together and out comes Honeybird & The Monas. In the Veneto dialect, “Mona” means vagina; the music encompasses the divine feminine, present in all women and men. The connection with the moon, with the mona.


Honeybird is Monique Mizrahi, singer-songwriter, bassist and charango-player. Gioele Pagliaccia is an active drummer seeped in funk and jazz, plays with many including Joe Lally. Gigi Funcis is a multi-instrumentalist, keyboardist and master at remixes, samples and beats. He brings a new electro sound to Honeybird’s colorful music.

Together they are Honeybird & The Monas.