(nordic tango)

Territory: World

Tango from the North – intense, heartfelt and with a glow born beneath the Arctic sky. Vocalist Lena Jinnegren traces her lineage from the melancholy northern parts of Finland and now lives on a farm in the forests of Målselv, Norway, with huskies, a tractor, a man and children. The album Om du visste is grounded in this tiny universe, but takes on eternal themes, from a mother’s love and remorse to herring and humanity, longing – and more longing.

Glød photo 1

The music has its sources in Argentina, Finland and The Balkans, and bears traces of inspirations as diverse as Piazzolla, Tom Waits, Stravinskij, Deep Purple, and Vreeswijk. The band constellation is the classic Argentine tango quintet, augmented with percussion and string orchestra. GLØD has its own sound within the world of tango music, much due to spirited arrangements by Bendik Lund Haanshus.