(warm Norwegian country)

Territory: World

2008-2009: Æ finds out that he should take a trip from the mother ship “Schtimm”, and gives out his first solo album “Grow Dull Mind”. This results in a P3-hit in terms of the song “Fin Fyr” / “Idiot”.

He begins touring, both solo and with the band “Dem”. He sees large parts of Norway, together with Stefan Sundström. In addition, he gets the honour of playing second to last in “Humla Visfestival” in Sweden.

2010: Releases the USB-album “Prosaikk” and gets good critiques by several media houses. Writes and performs the critics and audience acclaimed commissioned work “Udyrbarmark” at the church concert during “Trænafestivalen”. Plays at several festivals, By: Larm, Parken, Lofoten International Art Festival, Europemania (Hungary), among others. Plays scenes like, Rockefeller and Verkstedhallen. Tours Norway twice with Stefan Sundström. Gets press reviews in NRK Lydverket, Dagbladet, and The Times among others.


2011: Completes the studio version of Udyrbarmark, playing some occasional concerts and festivals. He does a small tour in Finnmark with Sundström, recording an English-language disc and doing a second round with Sundström. Plays a few concerts with the amazing “Dem”.

2012: He goes on a 12-concert tour in Norway. Records “Avvikere”. Festivals this summer: Buktafestivalen, Trænafestivalen, Karlsøyfestivalen and Blabla festival. Producing Stefan Sundström upcoming disc. During fall he tours both with and without bands.

2013: He is awarded the music funds specialization scholarship and writing a new Æ album, plays some scattered gigs and releases the album “Fraillaments” under the name Erling & the Armageddeonettes. It gets sparkling reviews in among others Austrian, English and Norwegian press. Goes on a 12-concert tour with Stefan Sundström throughout Norway. Releases a music video called Fine Ruina, a collaboration with the artist Losvik.

2014: Records the Swedish-language album “Æ”with musicians from Thåström, Winnerbäck and Weeping Willows” and releases it at the end of the year. Tours for the campaign “Yes to an oil-free Lofoten” in Vesterålen and Senja. Releases their fifth studio album “Gjendødsligheta” which receives numerous good reviews. Doing another round of festivals; Trænafestivalen, Varangerfestivalen and Sommerdagan on Vega. Produces Ingeborg Oktobers debut album together with Hallstein Sandvi. Debuts in Swedish on Visfestivalen Kompledigt.

2015: Releasing the “Æ” album in Sweden and this is getting good reviews in Aftonbladet and DN. Touring in Sweden with Stefan Sundström. As part of “introfondets” NN + project releases the video “Drömmar” from the album, and this wins an award at the Nordic Music Video Awards and is nominated for another. The video is also nominated for UK Music Video Awards, and has been screened at several film festivals. Does the song “Ro” with Queduhska and Stefan Sundström. Touring under the name Æ in Norway after the release of the Norwegian version of the album Æ. At the same time he is working with the new band Likholmen, who releases their debut release (film and music) “Lillelivet”. Doing “Festivalspillene I Nord-Norge” and “Trænafestivalen” plus a 10-day tour. As vocalist and lyricist of the band “Hide Unas” the LP “Noishism” is released in the autumn

“Old dreams come to life. Ramskjell talks-sing steady and magnificently” – Tor Martin Boe,

“I know few other Norwegian musicians and songwriters that preserves and renews Norwegian language…But he is genre-breaking, poetical and unique” – Dan Fägerquist

“Erling at its best” – Helge Simonsen, Saltenposten (5/6)