Djaikovski feat. TK Wonder

(balkan electronica)

territory: Scandinavia

With a successful music career spanning over the course of two decades, Macedonian born Djaikovski (Kiril Dzajkovski) is without a doubt one of the most respected and critically acclaimed electronic artists from the Balkan.


He is regarded as one of the pioneer producers to introduce Balkan sounds to the modern dance production – globally known as the “Balkan Beat phenomenon” Djaikovski composed music for well-known Milcho Manchevski’s movies (Before the Rain) but also has shared the stage on festivals like Pohoda, Woodstock, Exit Festival, Repercussion Festival, Rock for People, Latino Roc, Rocktamule, Les Vieilles Charrues, Au Foin De La Rue, Festival Les Z’Eclectiques, Gypsy Jazz Festival etc.

“Exotic and brilliant, Kiril does things with music that just shouldn’t be possible. KIRIL is , without any doubt, a musical genius and a true alchemist of sound” (Electroage)

“Fantastic stereophonic production that jumps from speaker to speaker on your stereo grabs you by the collar and moves your body to the beat of the music involuntarily. Absolutely great”

“Kiril is a great example of genuine talent…” (Cool and Strange Music Magazine)