Bernays Propaganda

(post indie-punk / food for thoughts) 

territory: Scandinavia

BP has already written probably the most interesting chapters in contemporary music on Balkans. They could be shortly described as DIY danceable new wave /post indie-punk. We are experiencing a political band delivering an infallible kick and groovy bass lines, upon which layers of noisy and disharmony guitar chords make room for a remarkable female voice, shouting socially engaged lyrics. 

bernays foto atanasovski

Were lunatic enthusiasm, bursting energy and catchy atmosphere already mentioned? 

Those elements made them one of most hard working European DIY bands at the moment. They’ve released 4 LP’s and 2 EP’s sold in almost 20 000 copies without any publicity or adds.

After hundreds of concerts (touring/sharing stages with The Ex, Gang of Four, No Means No, Mike Watt, Handsome Furs etc, playing festivals like Exit,Taksirat, MENT, Glimps etc), an enormous tour of the USA, we can without a doubt say that they are one of the internationally most recognized bands from Ex-Yugoslavian region.

“Highlights at MENTLjubljana: Bernays Propaganda” – Incendiary Magazine”

“The new Bernays Propaganda is incredibly good live” –

“Third most important Ex-Yugoslavian record from 1991 ‘till 2015” – Rolling Stone

“One of the top 20 world’s current post punk bands” – Caught in the Carousel

Revolutionary politics set to a relentless ass shaking dance beat” – Maximum Rocknroll