Æs new EP Sisimiut out now!

Today, May 20th 2016, our truly mellow genius Æ is releasing his new EP Sisimiut through Clearpass.

Æ - Sisimiut

Sisimiut is recorded at Greenland and contains five fully honest and reflected tunes. The man behind Æ, Erling Ramskjell, says: “It felt like the right way to do it. The plan for the EP was ready, so I borrowed an old guitar and got the keys to the local studio in Greenland. I walked in with my Likholmen-man and associate producer, Hallstein. We set down with some duty-free liquor, smuggled cigarettes and eventually some seafood and created Sisimiut.” Have a listen here:

Æ will be touring Norway fall 2016 in support of his new album that comes out later this year.